Anna T.

"If you’re setting out to buy a house and get a chance to work with Trey Hohman, jump on it. He’s the best buyer’s agent I’ve worked with. He’s smart – always ready with solid information about prices, comps, trends, and history in the area, and the street. He’ll go the extra mile – he previewed houses for me when I couldn’t come in from out of town. And when I needed more information about something he’d hunt it down for me – Who owns that lot? Or, what are the set-backs here? No problem. And through it all he is easygoing and patient, even if you need to see a hundred houses before deciding. I recommend Trey enthusiastically, especially for that sizzling hot Los Feliz – Silverlake – Echo Park area, which he knows like the back of his hand. "

Chris R.

"As a first time home buyer, I am so grateful that I had Trey in my corner. Not only did he help me navigate the scary process, he was a wealth of information and gave me the proper advice along every step of the process. It is because of him that I now live in a home I absolutely love. Trey was so on top of everything, from getting in our offer, being in constant contact with the seller’s agent, to making sure we had a proper inspection done right to getting all the paperwork done in time.

Trey is also just a very nice guy who is easy to work with and it sincerely felt like he went the extra mile. My wife and I probably texted him 100 times during the process and he was always patient, quick to respond and always had an answer. I can’t recommend Trey enough, and if we ever upgrade to a new house, he will be our first call."

Wilson R.

"I have bought and sold many home across Los Angeles over the last 15 years. I have worked with over 4 different agents in that time and only Trey stood out. His understanding of the market, negotiation skills and ability to listen to our needs and wants made him stand out above all others. Trey demonstrated superior negotiation skills with a difficult buyer that resulted in us saving well over $100 K. In our situation he could have likely completed a far faster transaction, but instead he put us above just making a quick buck. We will use Trey for all of our future real estate transactions."

Dan A.

"For many people, selling or purchasing a house is the single most expensive financial transaction one makes in a lifetime. Because marketing strategies and legal practices involved in the purchasing or selling of property can be overwhelming, finding not only an experienced and professional realtor but more importantly a person of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness is what matters most from the first to the last day of the entire process. My 82 year old mother and nearly 90 year old father finally decided to sell their second property in Lincoln Heights after 30 years of ownership. Much of their retirement and future financial security is invested in that property. Given the family responsibility to oversee the sale of their house, I knew my task was more important than making sure their property sold at its highest value but also ensuring my parents the confidence and trust that the process itself would be successful without stress, worries or concerns. Given who my parents are, that’s a very tall order.Enter Trey Hohman, realtor extraordinaire. By the end of our first meeting at his Los Angeles office I knew my parents would trust Trey as they did me. There are many “nice” professional realtors one can easily find and work with, but far few are able to gain both the personal trust and sincere confidence of their ability to honor and commit foremost to your expectations and desires before their own commission. Trey is more than professional, talented, skilled, smart and savvy. While many other realtors possess these qualities, Trey demonstrated a personal stake in successfully selling my folks house for the sole purpose of bringing my parents the kind of happiness and gratitude only a son can appreciate more than anything else. Trey is a people person. He’s honest, dedicated, determined, proactive, transparent, accessible, and possess cutting edge knowledge and skills in this highly complicated and high stakes business. Companies are only as good as the people they hire. Berkshire Hathaway isn’t just a faceless conglomerate. It’s a highly successful, dynamic, personal and dedicated enterprise because of the individuals who represent them. Trey Hohman is not Berkshire Hathaway, rather Berkshire Hathaway is Trey Hohman."

Helen R.

"We were a little intimidated when we decided to buy our first house, but Trey really made the whole process much less intimidating. He listened to our needs, and didn’t try to sell us on a bigger house than we were ready for, which was a huge relief considering the market these days. I found him to be extremely ethical and I have recommended him to several friends who were also first time buyers. He is very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods and school districts, as well. He made the process of buying our first home a wonderful experience!"

Paul G.

"This is a 5 star guy, great communicator, was attentive to my needs, prompt and efficient with a can-do attitude. His knowledge of the LA real estate market gave me the confidence to invest in an area on the east side I wasn’t familiar with. He was patient and understanding with our being first-time buyers and we have become friends in the process. Trey is a hard worker and always makes you feel your project comes first, I highly recommend working with him!"

Noah S.

"When I was looking to potentially purchase property in the Eagle Rock and Silver Lake market, Trey sent me listings every day, personal emails about which ones he liked and why and times I could go with him to view them. … No e-mail went unanswered and all answered promptly and even trying to find the answer if he didn’t have them himself He’s very nice and easygoing, but to seller’s agent I’m sure he is tough, persistent yet always a professional. I can say that I truly can trust Trey with representing any Los Angeles clients on both sides of the transaction as well as to make sure that they have a pleasant experience. I couldn’t be happier with this guy."

Andrew L.

"Trey was highly recommended by a good friend as someone who “knew the east side area better than anyone” and would also “find us the right house, not the fastest one.” Can tell you after working with him, its all true. Very customer service focused guy and easy to be around (you are going to be around your agent for hours, so should be someone you like). Found my wife and I an incredible rental in the hills of Eagle Rock that he had access to before anyone else did. Would highly recommend Trey to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!"

Sara C.

"It doesn’t get any better than Trey when it comes to knowledge of real estate. On top of that Trey has a friendly personality as well as having deep connections throughout the LA real estate market – All three of these factors, his knowledge, his personality and his connections truly made it possible for our family to get the best deal on our house. My husband and I had worked with several agents prior to meeting with Trey and so we had several people to compare him with. Trey was very laid back about our timeline, we weren’t in a hurry to find a house, we just wanted to find the right one and he was totally understanding of that. And when we did finally find the right one, after several months of looking, Trey was a TREMENDOUS help in making the escrow and the negotiations happen, and in our favor! He was 100% on top of the process, which in Los Angeles, is a very complicated, extremely time sensitive process. He was always available on his cell or by text to answer the myriad questions we had. He made this stressful process of buying our 1st house an absolute pleasure. We would recommend working with Trey to anyone who is looking for the best! He goes above and beyond!!"

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